Expanded US state, metro and county forecasts: Latest regional outlook reveals America’s hidden small-town growth stars

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We have now launched our new service offering comprehensive forecasts and analysis for more than 3,500 sub-national economies in the US, spanning all 50 states, 382 metro areas and 3,142 counties.

In our latest US regional outlook, drawing on the extensive capabilities on the new service and its online databank, we identify America’s hidden small-town growth stars. Two-thirds of the US economy’s output is generated by medium-sized and small towns and cities, with strong future potential in localities that are often overlooked and under-recognised. 

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 Actionable insight and forecasts for locations across all of America

The expanded and enhanced state, metro and county forecasting service now offers a unique online databank providing historical data and forecasts across US locations to 2035. Subscribers also receive in-depth analysis via written reports for all major metropolitan statistical areas as well as regular event-driven commentary, webinars and economists support. The databank contains a wide range of indicators covering GDP and employment by sector, household incomes, wages and spending, demographics and housing forecasts.

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