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We are living in an era of revolutionary technological change that is transforming the world of work. Each day around 150 million Americans make their way to work, providing for themselves and their families, and driving the U.S. economy forward. But what will happen to these millions of jobs as technology reshapes the labor market over the coming decade? The question of technology’s impact on the number and nature of jobs in the future has been the subject of pronounced interest to academics, technology experts, and futurists. Headline-grabbing findings have been widely reported in newsrooms, eliciting fears that technology threatens to alter profoundly our relationship with work.

How technological change will affect workers in low, mid and high skilled jobs

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What you'll learn

Which jobs will be automated and what will those employees do?

Where in the economy will new jobs emerge and who will fill them?

What skills shortfalls will the workforce need to bridge in order to smooth the transition from the old economy to the new?