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Global cities GDP growth, 2020-2035


The position of each country is defined by its risk and reward score; the size of its bubble represents the size of the city’s GDP.

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Cities are the new geography of business planning. In the annual flagship Global Cities report from our Cities and Regions team, we examine the impact of the ongoing global economic slowdown on leading urban economies around the world.

Our forecasts show that of the world’s 900 major cities, almost two-thirds will succumb to slower growth in the next two years than in the previous, more upbeat, five-year period. We examine the implications of this weaker outlook and reveal which cities will be most, and least, exposed to the present downturn.

What you'll learn...

We forecast that of the world’s 900 major cities, 586 will experience slower annual growth in 2020-21 than in the previous five years. Download now to find our which cities will slow.

In North America, cities on the west coast and in the south will out-perform other large cities by much smaller margins than in the past. Download now to find our how much America’s city growth stars are set to slow.

We forecast that of the 10 largest cities in the world today, six will still be in the top 10 by GDP in 2035. Download now to learn which cities will drop.

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