Private consumption as share of GDP in the Eurozone in 2019


Eurozone consumer spending increase in 2021


Eurozone consumer spending increase in 2022


Consumer spending to return to pre-pandemic levels

Global and sector expertise

More than ever, companies need access to advanced quantitative tools, deeper forecast data, and more timely insights that will help them track external macro events, understand their market and consumers and plan for the future.

Oxford Economics has developed a range of services and techniques to analyse global macro trends and keep track of the consumer spending development:

  • Macro-level country economic forecasting for 200 countries, covering between 400 and 500 indicators per country with a 25 year forecast.

  • Forecasts for 7,000 cities and regions in all major world regions.

  • Global consumer spending forecasts for 770 world cities to 2035 with detailed breakdown of spending into 50 separate product and service categories.

  • European consumer spending data and forecasts for over 1,700 cities and regions, which breaks down consumer spending into its component parts and provides detailed forecasts on goods and services across 44 spending categories.

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Ideal tools and services for you

Service tabber section - income and spending trends - transparent background

As part of our Cities and Regions service, our team tracks and forecasts income and spending trends in all the world’s major cities. A broad range of metrics are available, including the distribution of households by income band, consumer spending on individual products and services, and the underlying demographic, labour market and economic factors that influence consumer behaviour.

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Service tabber section - location benchmarking tool

Our Location Benchmarking Tool provides organisations with a tailored platform for assessing the attractiveness of locations as a place to do business. The interactive tool provides each location with a score or ranking on each metric (which are chosen in collaboration with the client), pillar, and an attractiveness score to support strategic decision making, acquisition strategy, large capital investments and expansion plans among other use cases. For example, retailers can use these tools to understand how the consumer landscape might change in individual cities as they emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Service tabber section - macro consulting

Using our suite of models and the expertise of our economists, we are able to provide forecasts using your own assumptions, customise our reports to focus on specific issues for a country or region, develop dashboard to synthesis our data into business relevant metrics and create bespoke scenarios to fit the needs of your organisation.

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