Forecast GDP growth in 2021


Percentage of the population that has been fully vaccinated


Debt to GDP ratio


Botswana, the country with the biggest movement in its overall risk-reward scores between 2020 and 2021


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Experts from Control Risks and Oxford Economics Africa are pleased to present the sixth edition of the Africa Risk-Reward Index. The index captures the evolution of the investment environment and risk landscape in major African markets.  


Healing stronger: How the COVID-19 pandemic can give rise to new industry 


Paying the bill: Innovative solutions for Africa’s debt crisis


Cooperation, competition and conflict: The changing dynamics of military intervention in Africa

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Africa Risk-Reward Index

The position of each country is defined by its risk and reward score. The size of its bubble represents the size of the country's GDP. The individual scores for each country for risk and reward are shown in the table opposite. Further details on the methodology for calculating each country's scores are provided in detail in the annex.



Research and innovation

Research and innovation - Citeable documents published in the field of Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology.
Growth in Africa's biotech industry will accelerate over the coming years even as the COVID-19 pandemic that triggered it is slowly pushed back. Investors should recognise the opportunities this creates, which spread far beyond just healthcare.



High debt and low revenue

Innovative new instruments and initiatives will improve the likelihood of Africa's debt remaining sustainable, but high debt burdens will nonetheless remain a concern over the coming years. This will affect investors even if they are not directly exposed to sovereign risks.


Foreign military presence 

With the Western world reluctant to engage in military intervention, other actors will use a variety of tools to respond to Africa's security challenges. This may increase or decrease threats in the long term, but in the interim investors will have to monitor and mitigate an unpredictable security environment.


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