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The Africa Risk-Reward Index

ARRI 2019 - Africa Risk-Reward Index

The position of each country is defined by its risk and reward score; the size of its bubble represents the size of the country’s GDP.

About the Report

Africa Research Briefing 000013 (3)Unlike other reports focusing on the headline news, this index highlights subjects that will define the investment outlook within the continent.

The Africa Risk- Reward Index aims to provide an objective analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the African continent, based on the political and economic structures of each country.

Instead of focusing on the political developments that have been dominating the headlines this index brings to light emerging themes that will have a greater impact on the investment landscape over the following years.

The Africa Risk-Reward Index will enable you to:

Build an informed investment strategy
Identify opportunities and challenges across the continent
Gain a competitive edge by understanding the upcoming risks and rewards