AEM Quarterly Webinar – Forecast of Machinery and AEM Survey Results – Q1 2021

Thursday 28th January | 12:00pm CST (1:00pm EST)

Please join us for a webinar presentation with Oxford Economics' Chloe Parkins, Economist, Mark Killion, Director of US Industry, and AEM's Benjamin Duyck, Director, Market Intelligence, as they provide key insights and answers to your questions on the topic.

Topic: AEM Market Intelligence and Oxford Economics will present on the newly released 2021 forecast and scenarios of the timing and nature of economic recovery, focusing on equipment sectors related to AEM membership. Chloe Parkins and Mark Killion from Oxford Economics will present the forecast and scenarios relating to construction machinery and agriculture equipment, and Benjamin Duyck from AEM will discuss the latest AEM membership industry perceptions and their relation to the outlook, followed by opportunity for audience Q&A with the team.

Fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page to attend. We will forward connection details to the email address provided as well as slides and a link to a video recording upon the completion of the presentation.

Chloe Parkins
Chloe Parkins | Economist

Chloe is an Economist on the industry team, where she works on various consulting projects and forecasts the mechanical engineering sector. Chloe first joined Oxford Economics in July 2013 as part of a 12-month internship, working primarily on the data team, but also gaining experience as an assistant economist forecasting numerous countries such as Bulgaria. Following this, she returned to Sheffield Hallam University and achieved a first-class degree in International Finance and Economics. Then re-joined the company in July 2015 as an assistant economist, forecasting both the intermediate and consumer goods sectors. Since then, she has completed her MSc in Economics from Reading University specialising in macroeconomic analysis and DSGE modelling. She is now responsible for forecasting the mechanical engineering sector.



Mark Killion | Director of US Industry

Mark Killion, CFA, is Director of US. Industry at Oxford Economics, with extensive experience in research and modeling for economics and finance, also skilled in the presentation of insightful conclusions and strategies. Killion brings value to companies and governments by developing state-of-the-art products that use innovative metrics to reliably forecast market conditions, and benchmark business performances. Recent work at Oxford Economics include publishing industry scenarios on likely outcomes of new policies from the incoming Trump administration; conducting regular training sessions with clients on best use and interpretation of indicators to forecast company sales and costs; and delivering custom market analysis and forecasts to a multinational company on the business opportunities and risks faced by their largest clients.


Benjamin Duyck

Benjamin Duyck |Director, Market Intelligence, AEM

Benjamin Duyck, Director of Market Intelligence, joined AEM in 2013. He holds an MBA from Marquette University in Wisconsin and a Masters in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Prior to AEM, he served as global market analyst and ManpowerGroup and market intel lead for the World Trade Organization in Wisconsin. His department has been providing AEM members with macroeconomic and industry trend data to help them remain competitive in the global market place. The primary mission is to combine proprietary AEM data such as the perceptions of the members with quantitative forecasts to provide actionable insights to members trying to understand the equipment industries’ business cycle.