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YouTube’s diverse and dedicated Korean user-base visits the platform for a wide variety of reasons. These include discovering new music and entertainment, learning and self-improvement, connecting with like-minded communities, and exploring opportunities for growth in their careers.

Oxford Economics was commissioned by YouTube to assess the scale of its economic, cultural and societal impact in South Korea. We undertook three anonymised surveys comprising over 4,000 South Korea‑based users, 550 creators, and 500 businesses.

The economic impact

₩ 1,597 billion

YouTube contributed ₩ 1,597 billion to the South Korean economy in 2020.

How did we assess the economic impact of YouTube?

To model the economic impact of YouTube’s creative ecosystem, we used survey data and official statistics, such as spending, income and tax data, to estimate its contribution to employment and GDP.

The source of this impact is the advertising revenues for creators and media companies, and the advertising-derived royalty payments made to the music industry, as well as the off-platform revenues earned by creative entrepreneurs that are stimulated by their YouTube presence. We also capture the indirect and induced economic impacts of these revenues, that ripple through South Korean supply chains and are stimulated by the wage expenditure of those employed.

YouTube Economic Impact report - South Korea - 1
YouTube Economic Impact report - South Korea - 2

Case studies from South Korea's YouTube creators

In the report, we present the results of our economic modelling and wider research, accompanied by additional evidence and case studies from some of South Korea’s most notable YouTube creators including: Korea Grandma, Pinkfong, Live Academy, and Thank you BUBU.

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