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The travel industry has always been resilient, but COVID-19 has posed the biggest challenge in decades. Organisations in private and public sectors are looking to establish the effects of the pandemic and plan for recovery in volatile times.

As part of our wider research offering we are now offering clients COVID-19 Scenario analysis. Custom-made solutions can be designed for select geographies or readily available Scenario Dashboards for countries and regions would enable clients to track domestic and international tourism demand, view tourism expenditure and hotel demand under different scenarios.

What are the benefits?

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Strategy planning

Inform and forecast your business strategy post COVID-19.

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Recovery scenarios

Understand potential recovery rates - how, when and in what form.

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Policy responses

Track how policy responses will inform the potential recovery period.

Our methodology


Dashboards provide headline impacts across three scenarios in light of the global coronavirus pandemic:


Baseline - Tourism Economics' central forecast that is available for Global Tourism Service subscribers.


Upside - assumes that the virus comes under control more quickly, helped by effective treatments, where travel restrictions are eased within in a quicker timeframe supported by a stronger economic recovery.


Downside - covers eventualities that the pandemic continues for a more prolonged period of time, with lengthier travel restrictions, deeper economic impacts and weakened consumer sentiment.

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Why these scenarios are important and how they can help?

We are going through unprecedented challenges and the true effects of the pandemic are difficult to foresee. Short-term data can be both volatile and confusing for many.

Our team brings together industry experience and the technical expertise from the thousands of economic impact studies which we have carried out for clients after significant economic and natural disaster events. We are actively monitoring travel activity globally and through working with our clients and partners in various travel sectors we deliver the most up to date forecasts and analysis.

If you would like to discuss options how we could aid your COVID-19 impact assessment or strategy planning work, please complete the form.

About Tourism Economics 

Tourism Economics is an Oxford Economics company with a singular objective: combine an understanding of tourism dynamics with rigorous economics in order to answer the most important questions facing destinations, developers, and strategic planners.

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