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One stop solution for Africa insights

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Country Reports. Regular reports on all 54 sovereign territories highlighting significant economic, political and financial market developments.


Regular Commentary. Daily publications providing unique insights into developments affecting exchange rates, foreign exchange and fixed income instruments.


Political Landscape. Detailed and timely analysis on political events.


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City Forecasts. Forecasts for 102 African cities for GDP and employment, population, household income, consumer spending, and retail sales for cities.


Travel and Tourism Forecasts. Track and understand the impact of tourism on Africa including: passenger flows, number of overnight stays and tourism spend for 34 African countries and 12 major cities.


Industry Forecasts. Quarterly reports providing in-depth analysis, forecasts and scenarios on 12 key industries covering 8 African countries.


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Economic Databank. Access to our macroeconomic, industry, city and tourism historic data and forecasts through a single online platform.







Confidence. In a world of uncertainties, you can count on Oxford Economics to give you the insight you need to move forwards with confidence.

One stop solution. The service provides access to a wide range of research to help African expansion and growth initiatives.

We're the Specialists. 25 years of African experience and expertise. Our analysts focus on the key countries, so they become immersed in these economies and can comment on all developments.